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The High Purity Day has been hosted by Kasteel Maurick multiple times. This beautiful castle has been the location for the HPD since the first edition back in 2008. It’s located in the central part of the Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg) on an island in the river De Dommel, nearby Den Bosch.

Kasteel Maurick

The castle was built in ± 1400 and renovated in the beginning of the 16th century. The renovation was done by Jan Heyns, a famous architect in The Netherlands who also built the St. Jans Cathedral in Den Bosch. Both Prince Maurits van Oranje and Prince Frederik Hendrik van Oranje lived in the castle between 1600 and 1650. in 1891 the castle was restored once more, and rebuild into the current castle. The HPD will take place in the orangery and the conservatory of the castle. There is a parking nearby.

Adress and directions
Kasteel Maurick
Maurick 3, 5261 NA VUGHT