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HPD Sessions: Ezi-Dock
June 4th 2019

The High Purity Day is a biennial event that has proven itself in the pharmaceutical world. Good atmosphere, informative and excellent for your network. We are not going to change anything about that, but there are novelties that we do not want to leave unnoticed for 2 years. That's why we came up with something new from Romynox, the HPD Sessions. This event will be smaller in scope, but more focused. Not just a presentation, but also an extensive workshop where everyone has enough time to view the product or products better and to get informed by the experts.

The first HPD Session will be held on 4 June 2019 in Kasteel Maurick. The spotlight on this first HPD Sessions will be on the High Containment Transfer System from Ezi-Dock. More information follows.


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The organization of High Purity Day is in the hands of Romynox b.v. in The Hague. VILS, with the most valued speaker for years (Ief Leroy) is a co-organizer.


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