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Ief Leroy holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Antwerp, Belgium as well as a post graduate in Business Administration from the University of Brussels, Belgium

He started his career as Process Engineer and projectmanager.

In 2009, he integrated his company into a large global engineering corporation and had increasing responsibilities onto the global level.

Together with his business partner Veerle, he co-founded VILS in 2014. VILS is a Project development company with inhouse Process Design, Process Architecture, Projectmanagement and Engineering capabilities. The company has a strong focus on Advanced Therapies such as CAR-T, Viral Vector, Stem cell, Immunotherapies among others.

Ief currently serves as Managing Partner for VILS and Director for BILS. Ief is married and has lived and worked in multiple countries. The current base is Guelph, Ontario, Canada.